Cub Scout Pack 30

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the Patrons of Scouting
Christ the King Catholic Church
Kansas City, MO

Tiger Cubs at Christmas Pack Meeting

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( Thanks to Carol DeFeo for taking the pictures and Fred DeFeo for making them available in electronic format!)

Klondike Derby

Saturday, February 12th

Our 2nd year Webelos joined with patrols from Troop 30 to compete in this frozen event.  The patrols pulled sleds of their own making from site to site in Swope Park, competing in skills such as firebuilding, first aid, orienteering, shelter building, and six other events.  Our guys collected enough "gold" nuggets for their efforts to garner a 5th place finish in this District- wide event.  Way to go guys!  Pack 30 was well represented by Mark Etem, Dustin Beall, Sam Waters, Phillip Vann, and Joe Harman, plus adult leaders Veronica Vann, Scott Harman, Julie Hill, and Carol DeFeo.   A great time was had by all.

Pack 4030 Blue and Gold Banquet

Sunday, February 20th, 4:00 p.m.

Christ the King Church Hall

Great fun!   Great food!  The Mic-O-Say Dancers were awesome!  Cubmaster Jeff Hill (a.k.a. Akela) was awesome.  All of the Scouts participated in the ritual of sharing buffalo meat with Akela.  Many distinguished guests from the Troop and the District were on hand.  (Pictures available soon.)

Bridging Ceremony

The bridging ceremony of the 2nd Year Webelos into Boy Scouts will take place at the March Pack Meeting, Monday, March 20, at the Christ the King Church Hall.  Please plan to be there for this major event in the Scouting life of these boys.

Watch this space for upcoming events/announcements.

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